Hello, today I want to show you my first make up look. 

Basicly, I have 3 type of make up depends on what locations that I must go. If it’s formal meet up, like birthday party or friends wedding, I might use fully make up. When I am going to hangout to mall or other have fun places, I normally use medium make up. But, I prefer use just powder and lipstick.

1. Foundation + Concealer

I honestly didn’t use any foundation, just concealer. I used Althea Flawless Creamy Concealer. There were 4 shades I got which is #01 Vanilla; #02 Ginger; #03 Honey; #04 Mocha; from light to dark. The texture is so creamy and easy to blend. 

When I swatched on my hand, I found that the suitable color for me is honey and mocha shade. So, I used both as foundation and concealer. The smell is nice, I think it was floral or somethin’, but it seem too strong for me.

3. AltheaxBCL’s Eyeshadow Pallete is My Favourite

Contain 8 eight beautiful color include shimmer, glitter, and matte, makes me confused which one I should wear. This eyeshadow is easy to blend, I like the gold glittery one, that’s so fun to mix and match this pallete. I also use this palletes to blush my cheeks. By the way, BCL means Bunga Citra Lestari, one of my favourite singer, she collaborated with Althea and made this eyeshadow palletes together.

3. Lip Tint

I am using Watercolor Cream Lip Tint by Althea. The color is so amazing. They are #01 Plum Cream,  #02 Strawberry Cream, #03 Peach Cream, #04 Maroon Cream. Plum cream is the dark-red, but I prefer to use peach cream one. The texture is so creamy and long lasting. This rint is not making my lip dry, but make it moist.

5. The Highlighter

For highlighter, I am using Spotlight Eye Glitter. There are two shades of the products; #01 Gold Light #02 Pink Light. I like all the color. 


For my acnes treatment, I am using Skin Relief Spot Film Gel. This products healing my face so gently. The acnes would be gone just in 3 days. It also relief my acne spot. One thing I don’t like, the texture is soo sticky. But it was easily absorb to my skin.

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