[REVIEW] Kindairy’s Bulgarian Yoghurt

[REVIEW] Kindairy’s Bulgarian Yoghurt

Hello everyone!
Today I want to share with you about a new brand of yogurt from Bulgaria that popular in Indonesia. Its name is Kindairy’s yogurt. I got the sampling from the link I’ve seen through social media. So, the company shared free samples for only Palembang citizen as a gift to celebrate Asian Games 2018. As you know guys, my city proudly became a host of the Asian Games 2018 in Indonesia. And then I registered for it.

A few days ago, the yogurts have been coming away to my house. I checked on it there were 4 flavor yogurts. Too excited to know about that more. Each of flavor is blueberry, strawberry, orange, and the original ones. I am big fans of fruit yogurts. It seems like I would be loved to enjoy all of the flavors.

The tasty of yogurts is kind of bittersweet. It is more lovely if I put them in the fridge a few hours before drinking. This is halal product that certified by MUI, Indonesian halal association. I usually drinking yogurt in the morning. Kindairy’s Bulgarian Yoghurt made from good bacteria named Lactobacillus Bulgaricus which is coming from Bulgaria. It’s funny for me knowing that every place had their own bacteria. How about Indonesia? Is the name of bacteria produces here is become “Indonesianicus”? Lol.

I love this yoghurt bottle. How lovely with colorful design. Each of colors indicate to a flavor of yoghurt. Blue is for original, Red is strawberry, Orange is for orange flavors, and purple is for blackberry. Very interesting!

How about the price? I don’t know. But I conceive that it is affordable for Indonesian. Maybe the price is Rp. 8.000 above? I think of it. So, you can buy them all at minimarket and a supermarket in your city. I am waiting for your own review about this yogurt. Believe that you will be love it.